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Open Source Universal Remote - Parts & Pictures

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This past weekend I converted my Open Source Universal Remote breadboard layout into a more permanent soldered circuit. I used the Adafruit Protoboard as a base instead of having a custom circuit board printed, which worked out well. The protoboard is perfectly sized for the RaspberryPi and I highly recommend it for any RaspberryPi related hardware projects.

Below, I’ve attached some high resolution photographs of the finished protoboard (front and back). I’ve also created separate versions of the photographs which are fully annotated and explain how all of the components are laid out. Please note that I did make one miscalculation in my circuit which I have corrected with a yellow jumper wire. I’ve pointed out the miscalculation on both annotated photographs.

Parts list:


Open Source Universal Remote by alexbain f24516375cfae8b9 - Upverter

Project pictures:

All pictures link to a full resolution image (10+ megapixel) which provides plenty of additional resolution for examining the circuit. The annotated photographs should help fill in anything that is unclear. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

If you’d like to read more about this project, here is some further reading: