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ArduSat: Doing It.

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I’ve been enamored with space for as long as I can remember. The barrier of entry for space/satellites, however, has always been a bit outside of the individual’s grasp.

Until now. The other day I stumbled across an amazing Kickstarter project - the ArduSat. The goal of the project is to be the first open platform for individuals to design and run their own space experiments. Yup. That’s right. For $325 you can now run your own space experiments.

For the first time you can get access to a satellite and execute whatever code you like to gather data, run experiments, or otherwise just take photos from space. It’s an amazing idea and one I’m proud to say I’m a backer of.

I haven’t decided what to do with the time yet. Since photography is such a passion of mine, however, I’d love to find some way to analyze the surroundings, determine if something interesting is happening, and start taking photographs. Given that the user has good control over the camera I was thinking that some HDR shots might end up being beautiful.

Hopefully my output from this will be a beautiful print I can hang in my home to remember the first (of many, I can only hope) time I was able to run code in space.